Beyond pictures

When I was young my mom wanted to put my brother and me in modeling. She took us to this agency called “the green agency” to sign us up. I was full of so much excitement that day. The lady looked at my brother and I and she told my mother there is no chance for me to be a model because of my acne. I know that she was being honest because she was friends with my mom but it broke my heart. All my dreams conceived and shattered on the same day. My brother modeled for a short period of time but he didn’t enjoy it much. I’ve dealt with acne and scars for as long as I could remember. Nonetheless, I still wanted nothing more than to be a model. I always felt like I wanted to prove to that lady that Women with acne can be models. In essence, this photo shoot meant a lot to me. Not only because the photographer is an amazing friend but above all, I felt liberated. Trust me, I am far from a model nor do I desire to be one anymore. Mainly this was fun. I said I wanted to finally get out there and do it and I did! Is it too much to send copies to the agency that told my mom I couldn’t model because of acne? Im Kidding! But in all honesty, I’ve never felt more comfortable in my own skin. I was wearing makeup, yes. but regardless, I want everyone who suffers from acne to know that you are beautiful. Love your skin and embrace your scars. Above all, follow your dreams. Don’t be afraid to let others take pictures of you, don’t be afraid of selfies. Don’t let it get in your way from all the things you desire. Excited to show you guys some pictures from the shoot!


DSC_3746.JPGOne of my absolute favorites! It captures the essence of this entire photoshoot. Please do not let anything get in the way of YOU doing the things you love. No matter how many times you heard ” No” or that ” you cant.”


11 thoughts on “Beyond pictures

  1. I love this because you are showing young girls that even if one door shuts in their face they have so many opportunities to do more ! Keep up the good work Gabby ! ♥️

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  2. First of all, you look beautiful and have always been beautiful. Don’t ever doubt that. Modeling agencies reject a lot of people, even some of the most beautiful ones. At the end of the day it’s a business and unfortunately they crush lots of self-esteems in the process. Dont take it personal. Yet, I’m glad it made you stronger and you now love the skin you are in. That’s what matters. Keep pursuing everything your heart desires, the work is your open canvas- paint your story!

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  3. Choosing your name as “ WIFE “ was the best decision I made as are friendship molded. I’ve always felt your true beauty through your heart and mind and this page confirms everything Ive always known. I’m super beyond proud of you and I will be here for you when ever you need me. The love is real, and goes beyoud the depths of the ocean. 😝😜😍😘 Keep Striving

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  4. Beautiful! I love the whole concept. A lot of times people don’t fee comfortable because they think they are the only ones going through something. Sharing your story, putting it all out there will inspire someone. So proud of you boo! I pray that this year you continue to put yourself out there and do all the things your heart desires. Love you!

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  5. Looove the pictures ♥️ girl, you know you are and have been waaay too poppin for some scrub to say otherwise. You’re beautiful babygirllll. Keep blogging 👌🏼

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  6. This is amazing gabby and inspiring I’ve always said it you have this energy that the world needs more people like YOU don’t stop love you! !

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